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 Journal of Social Issues Update

 by Sheri R. Levy, Editor 2010-2013


I am delighted to report it has been a busy few months for JSI.  To help us review all the exciting submissions in a timely manner, I have invited two new editorial board members. I am pleased to have Dr. Dariusz Galasinski (University of Wolverhampton, England) and Dr. Luisa Ramirez (Konrad Lorenz University, Colombia) on our board. I also want to thank our current board for all their hard work and insights.  Please view our editorial board at

JSI Issues in Development

• Latinos and Latino Immigrants in the U.S., Carey S. Ryan & Juan F. Casas

• The Changing Landscape of Intergroup Relations in South Africa, Gillian Finchilescu & Colin Tredoux

• Immigrants and Hosts: Perceptions, Interactions, and Transformations, Kay Deaux, Victoria Esses, Richard Lalonde, & Rupert Brown

• Social Stigma and Social Disadvantage, Manuela Barreto & Naomi Ellemers

• The Reality of Contemporary Discrimination: The Consequences of Hidden Bias in Legal, Employment, and Health Care Contexts, Jason A. Nier & Samuel L. Gaertner

• Scaling the Higher Education Pyramid: Research Addressing Academic and Career Success of Minorities and Women in Science and Engineering, Martin Chemers & Moin Syed

• 75 Years of Social Science for Social Action: Historial and Contemporary Perspectives on SPSSI’s Legacy, Alexandra Rutherford, Frances Cherry, & Rhoda Unger

• Impact Validity as a Framework for Advocacy-Based Research, Ricardo E. Barreras & Sean G. Massey

Contact JSI
I hope you will contact me by email about your ideas for issues for JSI. Please check out the JSI webpage  for recent updates.  I want to thank Susan Dudley in the Central Office for her tremendous assistance.

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