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Treaty Banning Tests of Nuclear Weapons

Source: Newsletter, November 1963

Context: President Jerome S. Bruner sent the following statement to The New York Times in the name of the society.

Position Statement: “The treaty banning tests of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere and under water has certain important benefits that particularly impress us as psychologists. Not only will it end the growing and increasingly justified fear of fallout damage to our children and to future generations, but it also offers an opportunity to both the Soviet Union and the United States to demonstrate with minimal risk, their sincere desire for peace.

As psychologists, we wish to emphasize the fact that a primary purpose of the treaty is to break the vicious cycle of mutual mistrust, which is a major psychological obstacle to achievement of peace.

We believe that Americans have sufficient confidence in their strength and their aims to give overwhelming and unreserved support to this treaty. As the first step toward reducing international tensions and stimulating cooperation for the 'achievement of a more amicable, peaceful, and secure world, it may be a turning point in human history.”