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Re-Training & Education Programs

Source: Excerpt from Newsletter, November 1963

Context: The following statement, signed by all members of the SPSSI council attending the annual meeting, was released at a Press Conference through the American Psychological Association Press Office at the APA convention in Philadelphia and subsequently had news items in the New York Times, Philadelphia Enquirer, Philadelphia Bulletin and newspapers. SPSSI was represented at the Press Conference by President J Bruner, Secretary Treasurer Margaret Luszla, Thomas Pettigrew, and Martin Gold.

Position Statement: “Never before in American history has nation been so dedicated to the goal of providing jobs and equal opportunity to all its citizens...It is the purpose of this statement to say that even having the jobs available is not enough. We need a major educational effort to help those who have the basic talents but have not had the training to develop them. Without such a program we will still have a great waste of human resources. As psychologists, we know that it is easier to promise equal job opportunity than it is to provide people with the skills necessary to participate fully in our national economic life. As we approach the period of integration which lies ahead, there will be a need for new and expanded resources for the education 'and training of those citizens who have in the past been deprived of such opportunities. Special programs will be needed not only for the vocational training of workers, but for long-range education of youth to take their places in our national economic life. We urge that the President and the Governors of our States establish special commissions to recommend the immediate and long-range steps to be taken to .assure the training that will make it possible for the promise of jobs and opportunity to be made a reality in the years ahead.”