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Social Issues and Policy Review
By Vicki Esses & Jack Dovidio, SIPR Editors

Social Issues and Policy Review (SIPR), which publishes theoretical and empirical reviews of topics of relevance to social issues and public policy, is currently in its third year of operation.  We continue to be impressed by the quality of the proposals we have received, and the published articles are receiving positive attention in the field.  The third annual volume is slated to appear shortly, with papers on psychological factors in terrorism and counterterrorism (Kruglanski & Fishman), the social psychology of HIV prevention research (Fisher, Kohut, & Fisher), attitudes toward international students ((Ward, Masgoret, & Gezentsvey), depressive symptoms and economic outcomes of low-income women (Gupta & Huston), using empathy to improve intergroup attitudes (Batson & Ahmad), torture as an interrogation device (Costanzo & Gerrity), and the food marketing defense model (Harris, Brownell, & Bargh). All deal with important and timely issues, and are sure to attract interest and attention.

We are receiving a breadth of articles for review, and the rate of submission is increasing, with several already in the works for Volume 4.  Nevertheless, we are always looking for new submissions.  Our goal is to have each volume reflect the diversity of interests of the SPSSI membership and to identify emerging issues of both theoretical and practical relevance. Interested authors are encouraged to consult our model manuscript outline available at under Publications, or to contact one of us directly: Vicki Esses ( or Jack Dovidio (


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