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Awards & Funding Opportunities



Clara Mayo Grants Program
In support of masters' theses and pre-dissertation research on sexism, racism, or prejudice.

Grants-in-Aid Program
In support of scientific research in social problem areas related to the basic interests and goals of SPSSI and particularly those that are not likely to receive support from traditional sources.

Applied Social Issues Internship
For research that is conducted in cooperation with a community or government organization, public interest group or other not-for-profit entity that will benefit directly from the project. (Open to undergraduates, graduate students and first year post doctorates in psychology).

Crosby-Spendlove Travel Grant
Given to a student to travel and cover expenses for the SPSSI Biennial Conference in each year that the event falls.

Gordon Allport Prize
An award is given to the best paper or article of the year on intergroup relations. (Open to anyone).

Otto Klineberg Award
An award is given to the best paper or article of the year on intercultural or international relations. (Open to anyone, graduate students especially encouraged to apply).

Social Issues Dissertation Award
For doctoral dissertations in psychology (or in a social science with psychological subject matter).



A searchable database, owned and operated by UCLA, of private and publicly funded awards, grants, and fellowships of interest to prospective and current graduate students, students working on a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, and postdoctoral scholars.

The American Psychological Association’s searchable database of private and public grants and awards for researchers and practitioners of psychology at all levels.

Database for federal grants in the United States.

Large database of funding opportunities, including both public and private grants. Requires you to create an account and be affiliated with a university or research institution in order to access the database.

Database of funding available from the NIMH (federal organization committed to "understanding and treating mental illness." Look under "funding" and "training,", then scroll down and click on the “predoctoral” or “postdoctoral” arrows.

National Science Foundation funding opportunities. Look under "funding" and "search funding opportunities"  and "For graduate students."

Searches mainly private organizations with a focus on scholarships and fellowships.

This is more of a general information page that has links to other organizations that offer search engines (e.g., fastweb). Focused primarily at resources and information for undergraduates, but does have information for graduate students.



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This material was compiled by Anjali Dutt.

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