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SPSSI 2010 Biennial Conference
Lisa Leslie & Stephanie Fryberg, Conference Program Co-Chairs

We’re excited to announce that SPSSI’s 2010 Biennial Conference, From Individuals to Nation States: What Motivates, Sustains and Discourages Caregiving (and Care Receiving), will be held in New Orleans, June 24 to 27.

The program features an exciting group of invited speakers:

•    Eugene Borgida, SPSSI President, University of Minnesota
•    Hazel Markus, Stanford University
•    Lilia Cortina, University of Michigan
•    Claude Steele, Provost, Columbia University
•    Marybeth (Beth) Shinn, Vanderbilt University
•    Mark Snyder, University of Minnesota
•    Barbara Gutek, University of Arizona
•    Joan Williams, University of California
•    Michelle (Mikki) Hebl, Rice University
•    Beverly Wright, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice
•    Scott Plous, Teaching and Mentoring Award Recipient, Wesleyan University
•    Ram Mahalingam, Teaching and Mentoring Award Recipient, University of Michigan

A panel of University Leaders discussing Community Building:

•    Marvalene Hughes, President, Dillard University
•    Norman Francis, President, Xavier University
•    Karen DeSalvo, Vice Dean, Tulane University School of Medicine

And, a range of research and practitioner focused presentations:
•    Multidisciplinary approaches spanning psychology, education, public health, sociology, policy studies, economics, political psychology, and law.
•    Studies of volunteerism, family responsibility law, and prejudice and discrimination in the caregiving context.
•    Studies on a wide range of non-caregiving topics that engage social psychologists and others committed to the proposition that the application of sound science can lead to the development of sound public policy.
•    Symposia, facilitated discussions, research sessions, and poster presentations.
•    A preconference for early career scholars.
•    Special mentoring sessions.

In true SPSSI spirit, the 2010 Biennial Conference promises a strong research program highlighting a range of social issues, an ongoing commitment to graduate students and early career professionals, and an opportunity to support the ongoing efforts to rebuild New Orleans and assist Hurricane Katrina victims.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

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