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Forward Editors’ Column
By Naomi M. Hall and Jonathan Iuzzini, Forward Co-Editors

                                                                             In this issue of the Forward, we are excited to include previews of the upcoming SPSSI Biennial Conference in New Orleans and the SPSSI program at the APA 2010 Convention in San Diego.  Thanks to the Program Chairs (Lisa Leslie & Stephanie Fryberg for SPSSI in New Orleans; Adam Fingerhut for APA in San Diego) for all their hard work putting together these great programs!

The Early Career Scholars Committee and the Graduate Student Committee have also provided information about programs they will be hosting at the stand-alone conference.

A few other special features in this issue:
• The Teaching and Learning Committee has provided a great column by Martin Greenberg, a past recipient of the Teaching and Mentoring Award.
•  Michael Evans (Winston-Salem State University) has provided an inspiring contribution to our Emerging Scholars column entitled, Activism in Action: White House Welcomes LGBT HBCU Students.
•  A report from the organizers of a recent SPSSI-EASP Small Group Meeting, Forgotten Alternatives: Denaturalizing Conditions of Injustice and Exclusion.
•  Eduardo Lugo-Hernández has provided an interesting column entitled Impacting public policy through State and Provincial Psychology Associations: The case of Puerto Rico.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed to this issue of the newsletter. ??We hope that you enjoy reading it, and we encourage you to send us any comments or suggestions at
See you in New Orleans!

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