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SPSSI Publications Committee Report

Members of the committee are Irene Frieze and Barbara Gutek [co-chairs] and Terri Vescio.

Issues we are working on include:

1.    New editors selected for Social Issues and Policy Review (SIPR).  Our current editors, Vicki Esses and Jack Dovidio, entered their 4th year as masthead editors in 2010, so it was time to search for new editors for SIPR.  James Jackson, incoming President, joined the search committee along with Barbara Gutek, Irene Frieze and Terri Vescio.  The new editors will become editors-elect in 2011 and masthead editors in 2012.  They are Sam Gaertner, Department of Psychology, University of Delaware; and Rupert Brown, School of Psychology, Essex University, UK. 

      The new editorial team of Sam Gaertner and Rupert Brown plans to remain faithful to the original goals of SIPR, namely: to provide accessible and scholarly review articles that provide integrative insights into the application of social psychology to today's most pressing social policy concerns. The concern of many governmental and other funding bodies that research should have measurable 'impact' lends added importance to a journal that is concerned with the interface of social science and social policy.  Also, the team pledges to remain open to a wide variety of methodological and theoretical approaches because today's social problems are too urgent to tolerate factional controversies over theoretical purity and methodological orthodoxy. The primary criteria for manuscript selection will be the scientific rigour of the work and the scope of its promise to provide effective solutions to contemporary social issues.

2.    Journal of Social Issues. Sheri Levy becomes masthead editor for Journal of Social Issues.  With the first issue of 2010, Sheri Levy is now formally our JSI Editor.  We welcome her in this role.  She has several very interesting new issues planned, as she outlined in her report.

3.    Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy. Kevin Lanning also takes over this year as masthead editor of our third SPSSI journal, Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP).  Articles are accepted all year, and a paper copy is published at the end of the calendar year.

4.    SPSSI’s book series.  SPSSI currently edits two book series, an edited series and a single authored series.  As the edited series in some sense competes for authors with SPSSI’s journals, the current editor, Marilynn Brewer, and the Publications Committee felt that we might want to discontinue this series.  Wiley supported this recommendation, and it was approved by Council.  Mark Snyder, the editor of the single-authored book series, has agreed to handle any edited book proposals that come in, so the two book series will be merged.

5.    New version of Research Methods book.  Historically, this book has brought in a good deal of revenue for SPSSI, but the current edition is out of print.  There was interest in such a book by the Wiley representatives.  We agreed that the book could be quite different and in that case, it could be considered a new book.  So, copyright issues would not be a problem.  Although the original authors have worked on some plans for what a new book might look like, none of them want to work on this. We are therefore looking for potential authors.  If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested please contact one of us.

6.    Virtual journals.  SPSSI is planning two different sets of articles reprinted from our publications as virtual journals. Initial articles have been selected and this is anticipated to be an on-going activity.

7.    SPSSI and Wiley webpages.  It has become a tradition that members of the Publications Committee annually review the webpages related to our publications to see if any changes are needed. We have done this earlier this year and will continue to update as required. If you have suggestions, please contact one of us.

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