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New York SPSSI Activities, Spring 2010
By Harold Takooshian, Fordham University


Once again in spring 2010, thanks to the new website at, the 400 members of New York SPSSI (SPSSI-NY) were notified of several free and timely activities arranged in concert with other groups, and kindly hosted by local institutions—Fordham, Hunter, Pace, and the United Nations.

1. On February 9, 50 students and faculty participated in a lively urban psychology forum at Fordham University, with five experts focused on “City sounds: Noise in the city.” Panelists were Peter R. Walker, Arline L. Bronzaft, Charles Shamoon, Richard Tur, Aaron S. Friedman.
2. On February 12, 80 students and professionals participated in a dynamic forum at Fordham University, with six experts focusing on “The future of forensic psychology.” Panelists were Keith R. Cruise, Thomas Kucharski, Nancy Erickson, Thomas A. Caffrey, Eric Neblung, Gabrielle Stutman.
3. On February 17, CNN covered an interdisciplinary public forum on “Reducing students’ financial stress,” just before the U.S. CARD Act went into effect to protect student borrowers. This featured seven expert panelists: Gerri Detweiler, Amanda Vardi, Adam Levin, Carol O’Rourke, Viany Orozco, Katherine Stavrianopoulos, Michael Buckley.
4. On March 4, 60 students and faculty from as far as Emporia, Kansas visited “Psychology morning at the United Nations,” to hear the first major address at the UN by Philip Zimbardo of Stanford. He spoke on “A psychology of liberation,” launching his bold new project,  Many members then visited the dynamic three-day meetings of the Eastern Psychological Association in the Brooklyn Marriott, where 800 people heard Philip Zimbardo’s keynote address.
5. On March 24, 60 students and faculty from as far as Moscow participated in a forum on “Stanley Milgram’s legacy: 50 years later” at Fordham Law School. This featured 15 Milgram alumni and several distinguished panelists, including: Thomas Blass, Jerome S. Bruner, Florence L. Denmark, Alexandra Milgram, Alexander Y. Voronov, Stuart Levine, Michael Almereyda, and SPSSI past-President Leonard Bickman.
6. On April 24, at the 38th Hunter College Psychology Convention, many SPSSI members spoke with over 200 students and colleagues, described at
7. On May 8, at the 18th Pace University Psychology Conference, many SPSSI members spoke with over 100 students and colleagues, described in Pace's PSYCH EYE Newsletter.

The SPSSI-NY Planning Committee for spring 2010: Tony Berlin (Credit.Com), Arline Bronzaft, Thomas Caffrey, Elaine P. Congress (Fordham), Florence L. Denmark (Pace), Samantha DiMisa (Hofstra), Marlene Gioia (Hunter), Samvel Jeshmaridian (BMCC), Mercedes McCormick (Pace), Giulia Landi (NYU), Rivka B. Meir (CUNY), Viany Orozco (, Amanda Vardi (Fordham), Jason Young (Hunter). Direct any questions or comments to SPSSI-NY Chairperson Harold Takooshian,
Photo captions: (1) At Fordham on Feb 12, Thomas Kucharski of John Jay College speaks on the future of forensic psychology. (2) On March 4 “Psychology morning at the United Nations, Philip G. Zimbardo with (l to r): Harold Takooshian, Rivka B. Meir, Florence L. Denmark

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