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Forward Editors’ Column

By Naomi M. Hall and Jon Iuzzini, Forward Co-Editors

Welcome to the Fall 2010 issue of the Forward.  We are pleased to bring you several important features in this issue:

  • Margaret Bull-Kovera provides her Secretary-Treasurer report.
  • A final column from Jutta Tobias, who recently completed her appointment as SPSSI’s James Marshall Fellow.
  • Reports from the Editors of each of SPSSI’s journals: JSI, ASAP, and SIPR.
  • A profile of SPSSI’s new documentary on community partnerships, courtesy of Michaela Hynie and Susan Opotow.
  • A report on immigration policy issues from Central Office’s policy staff.
  • An update from Joan Chrisler, Policy Committee Chair, on two new SPSSI position statements.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed to this issue of the newsletter.We hope that you enjoy reading it, and we encourage you to send us any comments or suggestions at

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