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Journal of Social Issues

By Sheri R. Levy
Journal of Social Issues, Editor, 2010-2013

I hope you will have a chance to read the third issue of 2010. Manuela Barreto and Naomi Ellemers co-edited an outstanding issue on Social Stigma and Social Disadvantage.  Rick Hoyle and his Editorial Board helped oversee this issue, and I am thankful for their tremendous input and insights.

It has been a very busy summer at JSI.  The flow of high-quality submissions to JSI has been high and continues to reflect the wide range of social issues of interest to JSI readers.  Our international Editorial Board has been hard at work, and I am very thankful for their expert advice.  I am pleased to have two new Editorial Board Members -- Dr. Isis Settles (Michigan State University) and Carolin Hagelskamp (graduate student at New York University).   Please view our editorial board at

JSI will be switching to electronic submission in the very near future.  We will post relevant information on the JSI website as soon as we have completed the transition to the electronic system (

Remaining 2010 Issues

Immigrants and Hosts: Perceptions, Interactions, and Transformations, Kay Deaux, Victoria Esses, Richard Lalonde, & Rupert Brown

Issues in Development

75 Years of Social Science for Social Action: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on SPSSI’s Legacy. Alexandra Rutherford, Frances Cherry, & Rhoda Unger

Anti-Gay Ballot Initiatives: The Social, Psychological, and Policy Implications, Adam Fingerhut, Ellen Riggle, & Sherry Rostosky

Scaling the Higher Education Pyramid: Research Addressing Academic and Career Success of Minorities and Women in Science and Engineering, Martin Chemers & Moin Syed

The Reality of Contemporary Discrimination: The Consequences of Hidden Bias in Legal, Employment, and Health Care Contexts, Jason A. Nier & Samuel L. Gaertner

Impact Validity as a Framework for Advocacy-Based Research, Ricardo E. Barreras & Sean G. Massey

Contact JSI

I hope you will contact me by email ( about your ideas for issues for JSI. Please check out the JSI website ( for recent updates.  I want to thank Susan Dudley and Alex Ingrams for their tremendous assistance.

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