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Report from Central Office:
SPSSI Welcomes New Administrative Assistant

We are happy to introduce our newest Central Office staff member, Brad Sickels who started work as SPSSI’s Administrative Assistant in June. Brad graduated from The State University of New York at Geneseo in 2008, with a BA in Sociology and minors in Psychology and Conflict Studies. Previously, Brad served as a Conference Planner for the National Student Leadership Conference’s Medicine and Health Care Programs at the University of Maryland. In 2008, he moved to Washington, DC to work for the Membership and Community Events Department at the Human Rights Campaign.

Brad’s passion for social justice has motivated both his professional and volunteer efforts. Influenced by his work at the HRC, Brad has enjoyed staying active and volunteering within the LGBT community here in DC.

When you call Central Office, Brad is likely to be your first point of contact. Please join us in welcoming him!

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