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The following information was excerpted from the January 1, 1997 National On-Campus Report, which was contributed to the SPSSI Curriculum Collection by Michele Grossman-Alexander, Ohio State University.

Cultural Pursuit

"Inspired by the game Trivial Pursuit, staff [at Skidmore College] developed 'Cultural Pursuit' several years ago. The game is played in large groups (up to 450 students have played at once), and all of the questions are related to ethnic/racial identity, sexual orientation, age, gender, religion, or socio-economic status."

There are three phases of the game:

  1. "Student players receive a list of 20 diversity-related questions arranged on a wheel. Each student then has to approach 20 other students, asking one of the questions of each and listening to the response. Once the interaction is complete, the respondent signs the other student's card and both move on to talk with someone else."
  2. "Once each player has gotten a response to all of the questions, trained peer facilitators lead students in small- group (10 to 15 students) discussions of the information the students have gathered."
  3. "The full group then reconvenes to talk about any 'revelations' from the small-group discussions - and to make plans for future action."

A game manual, sample game cards, originals for transparencies used during the game, and facilitator information sheets are available for $4 (which includes materials, shipping and handling).

To order Cultural Pursuit, send a check (payable to Skidmore College) and a self-addressed 9x12 envelope to: Patricia Rollins Trosclair, Assistant to the Dean of Students: Multicultural Students, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Email: