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The Journal of Social Issues

Vol. 30 No. 1 1974

The Free Clinic Handbook

Issue Editor: Herbert J. Freudenberger

Introduction and Acknowledgment 1
Herbert J. Freudenberger

The Initial Problems, The Rationale, and the Process in a Free Clinic Setting Isla Vista Community Service Center Medical Clinic 9
David Bearman

Operating a Free Clinic from Day to Day 27
Ted Peterson

History of the Waikiki Clinic 53
Gregory J. Molica and Neal E. Winn

Special Problems of Free Clinics Serving Minority Communities 61
William M. Harvey

How Relevant is the Free Clinic Movement to Black People67
Harry W. Clark

Quality Care in a Free Clinic 73
Lawrence Horowitz

How to Organize Specific Services in a Free Clinic

Crisis Intervention, Individual and Group Counseling, and the Psychology of the Counseling Staff in a Free Clinic 77
Herbert J. Freudenberger

Pregnancy and Birth Control Counseling 87
Elizabeth Canfield

Gay Counseling in a Free Clinic: A Group Communal Project 97

The Counselor Training Program at White Bird Socio-Medical Aid Station, Inc. 105

A Counselor’s Reflections 113
Mike Leiter

Setting up a Dental Free Clinic Component 115
Allan J. Carniello

Establishing and Maintaining a Laboratory 123
Flo Pollock

Development of Drug Patterns and Treatment Techniques In a Free Clinic 127
George R. Gay and David E. Smith

Free Clinics and the Law 143
Gordon S. Friedman

Aquarian Age Medicine 153
Andrea Turgeson, Debbie Busta, and Ethan Nebelkopf

Administrative and Staff Problems

Staff Burn-Out 159
Herbert J. Freudenberger

The Clinic Coordinator 167
David Roth

Types of Free Clinics

For the Street Scene: Mobile Medical Care? 173
Andrew D. Guthrie, Jr.

Running Away from Home 181
Kate Washton


Free Clinic Forms 189

Contributors 207

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