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The Kurt Lewin Memorial Award



Supplemental Series
Lewin Award Memorial Winners (1948-1959)


No. 1 Social Responsibility. George Brock Chisholm. December, 1948.

No. 2 Social Science and the Atomic Crisis. Hornell Hart. April, 1949.**

No. 3 The Psychology of Social Learning. Edward C. Tolman. December, 1949.

No. 4  Prejudice: A Problem in Psychological and Social Causation.  Gordon W. Allport. November, 1950.

No. 5  Some Aspects of Social Porcess. A.T.M. Wilson. November, 1951.

No. 6  Psychological Impediments to Effective International Cooperation. Gunnar Myrdal. 1952.

No. 7  Human Potentialities.  Gardner Murphy. 1953.

No. 8  Cultural Discontinuities and Personality Transformation. Margaret Mead. 1954.

No. 9 The Role of the Psychologist in International Affairs.  Otto Klineberg. 1956.

No. 10  Research for What?  Lawrence K. Frank. 1957.

No. 11  Organizational Effectiveness and Change:  An Evaluation of SPSSI by Members and Former Members.  Daniel Katz. 1958.**

No. 12  Some Things Learned:  An Evaluative History of the Research Center for Group Dynamics.  Dorwin Cartwright. 1958.

No. 13  On Lewin’s Methods and Theory.  Fritz Heider. 1959.

** Not a Lewin Award Winner