The Society for the
Study of Social Issues


Journal of Social Issues

Planned 2015 issues

  • Media Representations of Race and Ethnicity: Implications for Identity, Intergroup Relations, and Public Policy; Issue Editors: Dana Mastro and Riva Tukachinsky.
  • Social Past in the Personal Present: Psychology, History, and Social Justice; Issue Editors: Andrea Hunter and Abigail Stewart.
  • Resisting and confronting disadvantage: from individual coping to societal change; Issue Editors: Katherine Stroebe and Soledad de Lemus.
  • At the Crossroads of Intergroup Relations and Interpersonal Relations: Interethnic Marriage in the United States; Issue Editors: Stanley O. Gaines, Eddie M. Clark, and Stephanie E. Afful.

Issues in development

  • Inequality: Opportunity and Mobility; Allan Ornstein and Norman Eng
  • Understanding Activism; Craig McGarty, Anna Kende, and Nicola Curtin
  • Proactive Behavior Across Group Boundaries:?Seeking and Maintaining Positive Interactions with Outgroup Members; Birte Siem, Stefan Stürmer, and Todd Pittinsky
  • Sexual and Gender Minority Health Disparities: Translating Stigma and Intergroup Relations Research; Stacey L. Williams, Ph.D., and Abbey Mann, M.S
  • Digging Deeper: The social cognition, neuroscience, and genetics of political ideology; Travis Proulx and Mark Brandt
  • Ageism: Health and Employment Contexts; Sheri R. Levy, Jamie L. Macdonald,Todd Nelson
  • Weight Bias: Social, Policy, and Legal Implications; Twila Wingrove, Lindsey Wylie, Evelyn Maeder


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