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SPSSI Conferences

Transforming Our World: 
Using Research and Action to Address (In)Visible Wounds

Our society has faced many visible and invisible wounds over the past few years since SPSSI was supposed to meet in Denver for its 2020 Annual Conference. Since the start of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have encountered economic uncertainty, the storming of the U.S. Capitol, damage caused by climate change, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, continued racial injustices and state-sanctioned violence, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, along with not-so-veiled threats to others’ rights. These local and global challenges have left obvious visible marks on our bodies, our communities, and even the physical landscape. Meanwhile many experience invisible wounds in isolation, silence, and sometimes while entirely unaware of the damage. Furthermore, those processes behind, and people enacting, such damage remain under-scrutinized, unchecked, and free to continue causing harm. Our society needs transformative research and social action to help us better understand and address these wounds, while holding people accountable for, and preventing future, harm. At SPSSI’s 2023 annual meeting, once again scheduled in Denver, CO, we invite contributions from a range of perspectives–empirical, policy-oriented, and critical—that use a variety of methods to transform our world through knowledge and social action.

Call for Conference Submissions is now open!

The submission deadline is February 6, 2023. There will be no further extension of this deadline. If you have questions about the SPSSI Conference, submission process, please email

Submission Types:

15-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS: Individual proposals may be submitted as 15-Minute Presentations. SPSSI co-chairs will group these short presentations with 2-3 other submissions of similar topic. Proposals must include a title (10-word max), a summary (200-word max), and contact information for all authors.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Individual proposals may be submitted as Posters. Proposals must include a title (10-word max), a summary (200-word max), and contact information for all authors.

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSIONS (1 hour): In this format, presenters give briefs remarks and facilitate an interactive discussion on a topic. Proposals must include a title (10-word max), a summary (200-word max), and contact information for all presenters.

SYMPOSIUM (90 minutes): Symposium presentations include 3 to 4 talks on a common topic. Proposals must include a symposium title (10-word max), a summary of the symposium theme (200-word max), talk titles (10-word max) and talk summaries (200-word max), and contact information for all presenters.



Call for Reviewers is now open!

Reviewers need to be available February 13-20, 2023 to review submissions. We are so excited that SPSSI’s Summer Conference is taking place June 25-27, 2023 in Denver! First and foremost, thank you for your service to SPSSI. We know reviewing submissions takes time out of your busy schedules, and we sincerely appreciate the time you’re devoting to determine conference programming. Those with prior experience reviewing proposals for symposia, papers, and posters are particularly encouraged to volunteer.  Advanced graduate students are welcome as reviewers. Must be a SPSSI member. Sign up by January 31 at 11:59 pm EST. We will assign each reviewer 5-8 submissions based on your area of expertise. Given the large number of submissions, you may be asked to review some presentations that are outside of your expertise. Please reach out if you have any questions and thank you again for your service!



2023 Conference Program Chairs:

SPSSI 2023 Conference Co-Chair
Apryl Alexander
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
SPSSI 2023 Conference Co-Chair
Benjamin Blankenship
James Madison University

Past SPSSI Conferences:

SPSSI presents special programming each year at the APA Convention as well. Find more information here.

We are also proud to join with the European Association for Social Psychology (EASP) and with the Society of Australian Social Psychologists (SASP) to co-sponsor small joint meetings on selected topics.