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For SPSSI Members: Policy Workshops, Advocacy Events, and Policy-Focused Webinars

SPSSI regularly hosts preconferences, webinars, and other events that engage SPSSI members in learning and action at the intersection of research and policy. These events focus on helping SPSSI members build skills in understanding the needs of diverse policy stakeholders, translating research for policy audiences, and provide SPSSI members with opportunities to develop connections with the offices of their elected officials. 



For Policymakers: The SPSSI Congressional Seminar Series

This series of seminars will shed light on the psychological components of several currently debated policy issues. The meetings will equip staffers and Members of Congress with the necessary psychological knowledge to provide scientific, empirically supported arguments in such debates. Each seminar will feature a prominent, nationally-renowned psychological researcher with particular expertise on a topic of interest.  Topics include:

Disclaimer: Speakers’ materials and any opinions expressed therein that are available by link from this page should not be construed as the work or opinions of SPSSI or its membership. They are solely the product of individuals and/or groups participating in the events described, and are included here for information only.